Vertebral malalignment can result in pain, focal skin problems, incontinence, lameness, behavior changes, etc. Some signs that chiropractic treatment may be beneficial are back or neck pain, joint stiffness, poor performance and an altered gait. Chiropractic care is often useful for canine and equine athletes. It is important to have thorough physical exam and appropriate diagnostic work up to make sure that the chiropractic treatment is appropriate.

How often are treatments needed?
An animal may need a number of treatments on a weekly or biweekly basis initially in order for its body to "reset" itself and thus begin to hold the adjustments. After the initial treatments, rechecks are recommended.

How do animals respond to chiropractic care?
Often, an animal may be sore for 12-24 hours after the initial adjustment as blood flow and neurologic input are reestablished to affected areas. After this the animal perks up and feels better. Some animals resist chiropractic at first because they do not know what to expect. These animals usually come back eagerly for the follow up appointment because they now realize they feel good after treatment!